Using Your IDAC Score To Rank Your Services
[postgopher name=”pg001″] Okay, by now you should be getting a handle on the value of your clients, as practice building evangelists (Life and Recency Scores), and their lifetime value as clients (Services Score, and Profit Score).   Your next step is to align your line of services and products with the wants and needs of… (0 comment)

Using the LSRP Score to “BCG Code” Clients
[postgopher name=”pg001″] In our last session you learned how to grade your clients based on their longevity (their Life Score), their projected lifetime value (Services Score), the closeness of the relationship (Recency Score) and their ability to generate revenue streams (Profitability Score).   If you remember, the objective of this exercise was to assess your… (0 comment)

LSRP Trends Calculation
[postgopher name=”pg001″] A few sessions back I told you that I would be showing you how to break away from “Commodity” pricing and start getting “Brand” pricing. I’m going to do that by showing you how you can calculate your client trends and category using the LSRP Score you calculated in our last strategy session.… (0 comment)

The 80/20 Rule And Your Target Market
[postgopher name=”pg001″]Remember the Pareto Principal? You probably know it as the 80/20 rule, or even the 70/30 principle. It was developed over a hundred years ago by an Italian economist by the name of Vilfredo Pareto, who got the idea by observing the pea pods in his garden. According to Pareto’s observations, income from clients… (0 comment)

Recapping Your Business Model
In this session, I want to recap your Business Model Designing your own business model and keeping it up to date with the changing environment is an ongoing process. Just like your strategic planning process is one that you need to revisit time and time again, your business model is one that you should evaluate… (0 comment)